Voy Stories

Soninke Combrinck

UX Designer / North Kingdom

Working with Voy Talent was great. The two co-founders helped me land my dream job on the other side of the world, in the northernmost part of Sweden. I couldn’t be further away from my home in sunny South Africa. Despite the drastic switch in culture, climate, and well, everything, I am hungry to start my new life as a UX Design intern at North Kingdom in the Lapland town of Skellefteå. I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for a red thread that tied me to the people that led me here. The connections I built and the people I met all led me to this moment. A lecturer at Harbour.Space University led to a digital talent agency called Voy Talent, which steered me to this connection in northern Sweden. The conversations I hadwith the pioneers behind Voy Talent helped me prepare for the job I wanted. The two remarkable women facilitated my transition from being a student to being a part of an international team of talented people at a recognised design and communications agency.

Clara Nordlander Wiberg

Video Director and Social Media Strategist

It was such a pleasure collaborating with Voy! Both Pernilla and Stella are efficient, professional and caring people. They introduced me to an amazing position at EF Educations and I still can’t believe how lucky I was connecting with them. During the whole recruiting process they supported and advised me and they literally helped me change my life into something I only dreamt of. Now I’m really satisfied with my new country, in my new position and company and even though I really recommend Voy I think it will take a long time until I need their service again. A great review for a company who works with recruitment!

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